Action Heroes

Many of our associates participated in the ACT program in some way, but a few employees went above and beyond. Following are stories of three employees who participated in our Giving Campaign, Financial Match, Volunteer Match and Paid Volunteer Hours.

Francine Dinatale

Administrative Assistant | Boston, MA

Francine Dinatale isn’t afraid of getting dirty. In fact, she spends most Sunday mornings cleaning barnyard stalls.

guess you could say I shovel crap for fun!” she jokes. Francine also spends time with Buster, a 600-pound pig she helps care for at Nevins Farm, the equine and farm center of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA).

What an awesome way to show your employees you care about them.

A longtime MSPCA volunteer, Francine now helps other associates connect with Nevins Farm to volunteer as part of the Action Committee in Andover. Francine uses Action Matches and Action Hours, something she is very proud her employer offers, to give back to Nevins Farm.

“The other volunteers at the MSPCA are floored my company supports me in this way,” she says. “The ACT program is unique. This kind of company support is unheard of.”

Francine loves that she is able to help the organization she is most passionate about.

“What an awesome way to show your employees you care about them,” she says of the giving program that allows her to pick her own path. “It’s a gift, a way to explore new causes and support others you care about.”


Patricia Faraci

Retirement Representative | Andover, MA

Patricia “Tricia” Faraci loves volunteering, and the ACT program has helped her connect to both new causes and causes she already supported.

love learning about different organizations, and the company does a good job of sharing that information,” says Tricia. “It is fun to see what others are involved with.”

Tricia learned about an opportunity to plant trees with other associates for Groundwork Lawrence through the Action Committee, and also connected with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to donate in honor of family members who are impacted by the disease.

“Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin looking for an organization to support,” she says. “ACT makes that easier.”

Tricia also put ACT to work to increase her impact for the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer in Boston. In previous years, Tricia had walked in support of her mother and grandmother, who both survived breast cancer. In 2016, with the power of ACT behind her, she found creative ways to raise money for the organization too.

“I hosted a paint-your-own-wineglass fundraiser and donated all proceeds to the cause,” says Tricia. “I also submitted my donation for an Action Match.”

Tricia hopes other associates will follow her lead.

I want everyone to know how much the ACT program allows us to do. I tell other associates to go use it!


Andrea Smith

Director of Institutional Business | Denver, CO

For Andrea Smith, the ACT program is a way for her to bring her dogs Dawson and Wrigley to work in spirit.

lifelong animal lover, Andrea spends most weekends volunteering at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley (HSSPV). She and her husband volunteer to drive an adoption mobile full of lovable dogs and cats in need of forever homes to events across the city. They also spend time helping to walk animals and raise awareness of the organization’s mission to offer shelter, care and compassion for lost, stray and unwanted animals.

I describe Action Matches like a 401K – it’s free money to match what I contribute.

While Andrea was already committed to the HSSPV before the ACT program launched, she appreciates how the program allows her to maximize her impact.

“ACT is another cool way to leverage what I’m already doing,” she says. “I keep a Post-it note at my desk to log my volunteer hours. It takes minutes to log my time in the system, and that leads to money for a nonprofit I love.”

In addition to Action Hours, Andrea also takes advantage of the Action Matches program.

Andrea also supports the HSSPV through the company’s annual payroll giving campaign and uses her 16 hours of annual paid volunteer time to help with special events.

“If other associates are volunteering already, ACT is a smart way to maximize their impact,” she says.