Action Hours




paid volunteer hours
by associates


work days volunteered*
(the equivalent of three
years of full-time work)


total value of volunteer
hours based on
associate salaries

*based on a full-time work day

At work, our associates help people create a stable financial future for themselves and their families. In the community, many of our associates demonstrate that same dedication to making the world a better place through volunteerism.

Some of our associates have a passion for volunteering with kids through programs like Junior Achievement while others find joy helping those in need through organizations like Meals on Wheels. We encourage our associates to do what makes them happy and empower them by providing 16 hours of paid volunteer time off from work each year.

And, for those associates who are new to a community or haven’t found a place to connect yet, we help by organizing corporate volunteer days.



Crystal Askari

Plan Services Account Manager | Milwaukee, WI

Crystal Askari feels strongly about giving back, and she uses Action Hours to get involved.

love that I can use my Action Hours to support any organization,” she says. “It’s easy to organize a team or volunteer on your own.”

In 2016, Crystal volunteered with Junior Achievement and her son’s school and enjoyed a volunteer day with her department.

“JA Finance Park was so rewarding,” she says. “I really enjoyed teaching kids these important life skills — I wish I had that opportunity when I was young.”

Crystal loves the idea of helping others connect to the community through the ACT program.

“I’m always happy to talk with associates who have questions about the program,” she says.

Dan Bergman

Plan Services Account Manager | Denver, CO

Throughout a 23-year career in financial services, Dan Bergman has seen what happens when people don’t understand the fundamentals of managing their money. That’s why he is passionate about Junior Achievement.

he earlier we get kids to understand the basics of money, the better position they will be in when they have their own to manage,” Dan says.

In 2016, Dan set up a volunteer event for JA Finance Park in Denver using Chatter, the company’s internal bulletin board-style messaging platform, to spread the word.

“Chatter is a great way to get the message out to so many people,” he says. “I like it because it isn’t just a tool one department uses, it’s something we all use.”

Dan also uses Chatter to post reminders about upcoming volunteer events, send out polls to schedule volunteer events and share the good word about what other associates are doing.

“ACT is such a great way to keep people motivated, brighten your workday and have a happier time at work,” Dan says. “I love learning about what others are doing as much as I like helping others get involved.”

Alisa Chadwick

Assistant Manager of Operations | Overland Park, KS

Alisa Chadwick has a big heart. She commits time to volunteering with a variety of nonprofits both as a way to pursue different interests and to create a sense of connection to the community.

hen I moved here to join the company two years ago, I knew I needed to build a community,” she says.

Alisa asked her manager how she could get involved and was directed to an internal community impact information site for employees.

“When you are new, it is hard to make connections,” she says. “I made it my goal to get involved and had a desire to get to know people through volunteering.”

Alisa connected with groups like Meals on Wheels, Hope House and The Whole through the ACT program.

“I have so many different interests and want to support different causes,” she says. “Volunteer work is selfless, but it also fulfills a need in me too.”

Jackie Hodge

Software Developer | Denver, CO

Jackie Hodge is not only a full-time associate with Great-West, but she is also the volunteer executive director for a nonprofit called The Miracle Party.

spend more than 120 hours each year volunteering with The Miracle Party,” she says. “Using my Action Hours for this is a huge benefit!”

Jackie joined the organization eight years ago and helps guide a team of volunteers to produce an event each year for 1,200 childhood cancer patients as well as their families, friends and caregivers and others who support them. The event includes music, dinner, games, limo rides and other fun activities.

“My granddaughter, Nataly, is a cancer survivor,” she shares. “One of my fellow associates, Lori Ahern, learned this and introduced me to the organization. “

Planning the event and leading volunteers is a huge commitment, and Jackie is thankful she can use her Action Hours for the days leading up to each event.

“Other volunteers are stunned by the way my company supports my commitment,” she says. “Not just allowing me to take time off, but also matching my time with money is huge.”

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado


For several years, associates from the Denver office have spent time restoring trails with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. As part of a corporate volunteer project in 2016, associates helped improve the Geologic Overlook Trail at Red Rocks park.

espite extreme heat, the 42 associates who volunteered were able to improve 485 feet of trail, including installing six drainage structures and 20 feet of rock wall. In total, our volunteers donated more than 300 hours to this project.

“Great-West Financial and Empower Retirement have been strong partners and supporters of Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado since 1988,” says Anna Zawisza with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. “Over the last few years, the company has organized an outdoor stewardship project to engage employees in actively taking care of Colorado. The 2016 project was quite technical, and the park manager was very pleased with how much the group was able to accomplish.